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As a teacher, John’s mission is to bridge the gap between vocal possibility and self-expression by instilling a variety of technique-based skills into your own vocal arsenal.

John has been studying voice pedagogy under the guidance of Raymond Sage and Dr. Wendy LeBorgne for the last 4 years at Penn State, alongside candidates in the MFA Musical Theatre Vocal Pedagogy program. By filling every open slot he had in his schedule to capitalize on his vocal education, John has curated his own vocal studio with successful students, just 4 years later.

By studying with John, you will obtain the fundamentals of:

   - Vocal Technique

   - Music Theory 

   - Repertoire Selection

   - Acting Through Song

   - Anatomy and Physiology


John places a large importance on designing his education toward the individual rather than viewing voice and acting as a universal monolith.

To my fellow Queer Artists of Color:

You have space, autonomy, and an individual voice in my studio space. As a Queer Artist of Color, I understand how easy it is to be put into a box, have an identity decided for you, or worst of all, be stripped of your own culture, sound, and truth. Throughout my years of studying vocal pedagogy, I have ensured that to be the forefront of conversations for artist’s training, as well as declared my senior vocal pedagogy final project/thesis on the decolonizing of vocal training in relation to Eurocentric standards and procedures. If you ever need a space to feel free and liberated to explore sounds with no judgment, there’s a place for you here always.


Half-Hour: $45

Full-Hour: $75

For audition and college coachings CONTACT JOHN DIRECTLY.

In an effort to make artistic training more accessible, if you are unable to afford these prices but are excited about vocal training in this studio, please contact John to discuss alternate payment options.

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